Cinnamon Quick Bread

I enjoyed this lovely breakfast this morning while receiving parenting tips from Daniel Tiger’s mom. I’m not sure how old Daniel Tiger is, but she was encouraging him to fix his broken trolley and of course her message was a catchy little tune. As I sat at the table with my two kids, one of whom was sick and that’s why we had no school today, contemplating my parenting choices thanks to a cartoon tiger, and secretly hoping my oldest was taking note of the message, I decided I needed two helpings of bread and cinnamon schmear. Continue reading “Cinnamon Quick Bread”


100 Days of Real Food Mini-Pledge

Ooh wee! I just signed us up for the 100 Days of Real Food 14 week mini-pledge. According to the intro video, each Friday I will get a pledge with recipes and shopping lists (!) and then we can start the pledge on Monday (to give me a day to plan and shop). Meal planning and shopping has been a HUGE part of my life for the past year+ and I’m excited and nervous about making a change. I think we already do a good job of limiting processed foods (except on the weekends), but even our weekend slippage isn’t a huge deal. I’m most excited about getting recipes from one blog sent directly to me, instead of mining the internet for ideas and recipes, and I’m also getting her cookbook. I also like the idea of making small changes and introducing new foods, but I have no plans to start serving hummus and alfalfa sprouts.

I will definitely track our progress. And if you want to join too, you have until this Friday!

Reusable Snack Bags

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget snack bags1

This post isn’t about food per se, but it is related to saving money in the kitchen. One way I free up money for higher quality ingredients is by reducing money we spend on stuff that ends up in the trash – little baggies, plastic wrap, napkins, paper towels. Years ago we stopped buying paper towels because they are so wasteful and we use lots (and lots) of towels, rags and old baby wash cloths for wiping messes and sticky hands. I try not to use plastic wrap unless it’s absolutely necessary – like wrapping up raw chicken. Instead, I cover food with plates and silicone covers (I don’t cook with them). Continue reading “Reusable Snack Bags”

No Fail Oatmeal Cookie Bites

After trying three of four “energy bites” recipes, the first being Honey Oat Energy Bites, I found one that we love. I found this Kid-Approved No-Bake Energy Bites from Redefined Mom, and her post spoke to me. I’m talking about the part where she laments over her failed attempts at making granola bars. I can totally relate and that’s why I started making energy bites in the first place.

HealthyKitchenHealthyBudget No Fail Energy Bites3

These truly are no fail and everyone loves these around here, including both kids. Continue reading “No Fail Oatmeal Cookie Bites”

Honey Oat Energy Bites

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Honey Oat Energy Bites2

I did it. I joined Pinterest. As a techie by trade, I’m critical when it comes to websites and apps. I think the Pinterest app is a little clunky and I don’t like how I have to dig down two, three times to get to an actual recipe. But it gives me ideas and I can see the value in having a one-stop shop for all things food and crafts, and everything else people want to brag about 😉 Continue reading “Honey Oat Energy Bites”

Blueberry Mini Muffins (with honey)

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Blueberry Muffins1

I’ve been on a honey kick ever since my husband brought home a container of homemade honey courtesy of a co-worker. First I made two batches of the honey banana bread which was well received around here. I started contemplating how I can substitute honey for cane sugar in some of our favorite recipes. I found a blog post from Whole New Mom with some directions on how to successfully substitute sugar. I was ready to do some math and modify our favorite blueberry muffin recipe from All Recipes, but then I decided to google “honey blueberry muffins” and sure enough, there were plenty of recipes in the blogosphere. Continue reading “Blueberry Mini Muffins (with honey)”

Honey Banana Bread

Bananas. A popular and versatile fruit, and what parents may start to feel now that kids are out for summer 🙂 Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a banana tree in our backyard. My husband says I don’t want a fruit tree because they are such a pain, but we would save money with one! I buy two bunches a week – I use one banana for our green smoothie in the morning, my husband frequently eats one for breakfast, and EACH kid can polish one off! Continue reading “Honey Banana Bread”

Veggies Cakes For Your Babycakes

When it was time for our oldest to start eating solid foods, I was very frustrated that he wasn’t eating baby food like he was “supposed” to. I went to so much effort buying baby food books and making my own food, then he would only eat a few bites here and there. I heard some friends talking about something called Baby Led Weaning, which is a strange name for something people have been doing…forever I think. It basically means, let your kid learn to feed himself from the beginning, no spoon feeding. I knew my kid wasn’t into being fed and it made more sense to allow him to feed himself. With my second, we did a combination of both baby food (store bought this time), and self feeding.

Continue reading “Veggies Cakes For Your Babycakes”

Do You Know the Muffin Man?

Do you know the Muffin Man? Well, we know him very well around here, although he is actually a she, and she goes by Mom. I guess I’m the Muffin Mom because I am a big fan of muffins. I try to make healthy muffins, or tweak recipes to make them healthier. They are great for the kids for breakfast, snack, and lunch, and great for us too.

Continue reading “Do You Know the Muffin Man?”

Delicious Fig Bars

This recipe for fig bars is another Cooking Light great, and it was introduced to me by a co-worker back in 2005 . I remember eating them in our office and couldn’t believe how much they tasted like Fig Newtons. They quickly became a favorite of my husband’s when we were first married, but I could only buy the figs at one grocery store in town and it wasn’t the place I usually did my shopping. Same thing with the next place we lived; they were only available in a store on the other side of town (really inconvenient in a town 10 minutes from end to end). Despite the inconvenience, I used to make them all the time, and I would double the recipe when a certain friend came to visit because he was such a fan.

Fortunately, Publix has dried figs, so no driving around required, and this week they were 2 for $5! Here are my changes:

  • You definitely need a pan smaller than 9×13. Mine is probably 8×10. It’s on the small side, but I like a smaller pan so the filling isn’t spread too thin.
  • I only use about 3/4 of the crust mixture. I save the rest in the fridge and then next time I halve the crust recipe and add to the remainder.
  • Beat the cream cheese before adding the egg and sugar, otherwise you will have a sloppy mess with lumps. A step I forgot this time…
  • The recipe calls for 6oz of cream cheese (2oz short of a whole block), and 2 cups of figs. This time I used the entire 8oz block, and two bags of figs. No measuring, and no leftover figs or small blobs of cream cheese in the fridge.
  • Dried figs are sweet, so I wonder if boiling them in sugar water is necessary. Next time I will omit the sugar and see how it tastes.
  • I used whole wheat white flour as a cup for cup replacement for the AP flour. Cane sugar for granulated.
  • These need to sit overnight. They are much better the next day, cold. Try to refrain from snacking. It will be hard.

They are addictive! You have been warned. 🙂 Enjoy.

Fig bars