Cinnamon Quick Bread

I enjoyed this lovely breakfast this morning while receiving parenting tips from Daniel Tiger’s mom. I’m not sure how old Daniel Tiger is, but she was encouraging him to fix his broken trolley and of course her message was a catchy little tune. As I sat at the table with my two kids, one of whom was sick and that’s why we had no school today, contemplating my parenting choices thanks to a cartoon tiger, and secretly hoping my oldest was taking note of the message, I decided I needed two helpings of bread and cinnamon schmear. Continue reading “Cinnamon Quick Bread”


Tostadas with Homemade Tortillas

When a four year old says, “Mmm these are wewy yummy Mommy! Mmm.” that’s code for, “you should make these every week until I go to college.” We eat A LOT of tortillas around here in quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas and taquitos. I always buy the tortillas, usually Mission corn in stacks of 80, and I’ve never made them from scratch. But, there is always a bag of Maseca in my pantry because my mother-in-law makes them from scratch when she comes to visit. Last week I forgot to buy the Mission tortillas at Publix during my weekly trip, so I decided to attempt to make them from scratch. Continue reading “Tostadas with Homemade Tortillas”