Pizza Pizza!

Since I scored my $10 bread machine on VarageSale last year, I have been experimenting with different pizza dough recipes.The biggest criterion with pizza dough is: I have to be able to mix it ahead of time and refrigerate. I am not mixing up pizza dough after I walk in the door with the kids while they chill and what…play quietly? Do macrame? Not happening. Pizza dough must be completely ready, sometimes a day ahead, and rolled out before I pick them up. Continue reading “Pizza Pizza!”


Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Cinnamon Bread6

One evening while I was tooling around on my tablet, waiting for my preschooler to fall asleep, a delicious sounding recipe for cinnamon swirl bread from Passionate Penny Pincher danced across my Facebook feed. It is a bread machine recipe, and we all know how much I am enjoying my $10 find! We love us some sweet bread ’round here, breakfast, lunch, dessert, you name it, so I tried the recipe for the first time last weekend. Continue reading “Cinnamon Swirl Bread”

1lb Chicken, Two Dinners

When you are buying organic chicken at $6.99#, or even the next best chicken that is anti-biotic free that is $3.99#, it’s important to stretch those dollars!  I have already shared how I often thinly slice chicken breasts to stretch a pound of chicken between the four of us (back then I was paying $5.99 at Publix so it was EVEN more important to stretch!). Here are two dinners we had this week using 1lb of chicken. Continue reading “1lb Chicken, Two Dinners”

Ciabatta Bread (aka sick day baking)

Today was day two I kept my preschooler home from school. My husband took our two year old to his class so he was happy to play with friends and not be cooped up at home, and picked on all day long. My oldest was actually fine so I had to think of things for us to do all day long here at home. One of those days we did everything – went for a walk, looked at the birds and ducks, played outside with our bunny, watched ellevenity million episodes of inspector gadget and batman, fixed a clock, cleaned the bathroom, did Melissa and Doug stickers, and…baked bread. Continue reading “Ciabatta Bread (aka sick day baking)”

Cinnamon Quick Bread

I enjoyed this lovely breakfast this morning while receiving parenting tips from Daniel Tiger’s mom. I’m not sure how old Daniel Tiger is, but she was encouraging him to fix his broken trolley and of course her message was a catchy little tune. As I sat at the table with my two kids, one of whom was sick and that’s why we had no school today, contemplating my parenting choices thanks to a cartoon tiger, and secretly hoping my oldest was taking note of the message, I decided I needed two helpings of bread and cinnamon schmear. Continue reading “Cinnamon Quick Bread”

Heavenly [Bread Machine] Cinnamon Rolls

I have really been enjoying our bread machine the past few weeks. Although I talk a lot about bread baking, we are not swimming in bread loaves ’round here. I have used the bread machine to make bread/dough that I normally would have bought at the store – pizza dough, hamburger buns and bread for paninis.

For Labor Day weekend I decided to make something special – cinnamon rolls. I bookmarked this recipe from Money Saving Mom I was really excited to try it. I mixed up the dough before dinner on Saturday evening and while my husband was giving our toddler his bath, my oldest “helped” me roll out the dough. Continue reading “Heavenly [Bread Machine] Cinnamon Rolls”

Crockpot Rosemary Bread

In my weekly planning post I talked about the massive rosemary bush my husband discovered in our backyard. Just so happens I LOVE rosemary and I have been combing Pinterest for rosemary recipes.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Rosemary bush

Can you believe that is rosemary? I came across a recipe from Host the Toast for rosemary bread cooked in a crockpot. Sounded too good to be true. Fresh bread with no need to heat up the kitchen? One problem: baking with yeast has never been my strong point. I love to bake anything else, I’ve even made a wedding cake, but I can’t remember ever being successful with yeast. Ever. During my weekly shopping trip I hesitated in the baking aisle, my eyes sloooowly climbed up to the top shelf where the yeast is sold. I started to walk away, then I thought oh why not and I grabbed 3 packs of yeast. Continue reading “Crockpot Rosemary Bread”