Welcome to Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Budget! I am a wife, a mother of two boys, and I also have a part-time, paying job. This blog is dedicated to planning our weekly meals and recording the various recipe tweaking and experimenting I do in the kitchen as I try to feed our family healthy food, on a budget.

There are approximately one hundred million bajillion food blogs out there, and about ¾ are written by moms, and half of those are blogs about eating “clean,” “real,” “organic,” and other buzz-word type foods. So what makes this blog unique and why should you continue to tune in? Let me tell you.

My Food Story

As of 2015, I have been happily married for over eight years. Throughout my marriage my cooking has evolved and my attention to grocery prices has fluctuated. Three years ago we had our first son and when he started eating solids, I started paying much more attention to ingredients in prepared foods, and the ingredients I was using to prepare our own food. I didn’t make drastic changes overnight. First, I started with organic milk. Then the dirty dozen. Eggs. Researching where our meat was coming from and what had been added to it. Understanding GMOs, and why I don’t like being part of an experiment. I became a well informed consumer and researched food issues to make myself feel good about my decisions, and understand how they could be better.

What This Blog is About

Now, with four to feed, three of them men/growing boys, and with a return to more regular part-time work, I decided meal planning was an absolute necessity for my survival. In the past, sometimes I had a general plan and other times I figured it out day to day. But since November 2014 I have consistently planned each week based on the meat sales at our local stores. I started sharing my food plans hoping they might help other moms. But, I’m not only concerned about dinner; obviously we eat breakfast each day, I have to make ten school lunches per week, plus my husband comes home a few days a week to eat lunch, and we have the weekends. So, I started sharing recipes for other kinds of food – cookies, muffins, pizza, anything that I’ve tried either once or one hundred times.

I don’t think I’m creative enough to create my own recipes, nor do I have the time. I have two small kids and a non-blogging  job! But, I can tweak other recipes to make them healthier and post my results. What do I mean by healthier? Here’s where all the “clean,” “real food,” “organic” words come into play. When I tweak a recipe it’s either because I don’t have a specific ingredient and I need to substitute, or I believe there is a healthier alternative. Cane sugar for sugar beets. Coconut oil for canola oil. Whole white wheat flour for all-purpose white. Avoiding GMOs (sometimes). And, I have a food budget that, surprise, isn’t $1000 per month! So, we are not totally organic and I watch our food dollars very closely. I make food compromises, but I weigh the pros and cons carefully.

What This Blog Is NOT About

I feel it’s important to state I am not here to make anyone feel bad about his/her food choices. There are some food blogs that make me feel terrible about feeding my kids sugar, or non-organic meat (at $12#, that is totally unaffordable for us). I’m going to state what I do, and it’s up to you to do your own research and decide what’s best for you. I’m not going to reinvent the green wheel and blog about GMOs and growth hormones and organic food. There is plenty of info out there; find it, consider the source and make a decision. This isn’t that kind of blog. I am going to blog about recipes and the changes I made, but know we aren’t perfect. The last time I picked up my organic produce from my local produce buying club, we ordered pizza when I got home. Eating healthy food is important, but what’s really important is being with my family and taking care of them however I can.

So, with all that said, I hope you enjoy the blog and pick up few new recipes, tips, tricks and ideas! -Molly


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