Healthy Inside and Out

As I sit here in the kitchen cooking a batch of our favorite waffles (the first I’ve made in a month, at least), I remembered not only had I neglected my poor children by subjecting them to cereal for breakfast (insert sarcasm <here>), but I had also neglected my poor blog. Where have I been? You probably started wondering if I had an unhealthy kitchen and unhealthy budget and that’s what kept me away! I can assure you, that is definitely not the case, although our dinners have been rather simple, to put it nicely. Let me explain why.

You already know my food story and how I became more aware and concerned about our diets after my oldest was born four years ago. The change wasn’t overnight and I continue to grow as a healthy cook. We kind of had a four year food revolution around here and now I feel like we are in a pretty good place, minus the fact the children hate veggies, but whatevs. What I haven’t shared is the other revolution in our house – no, not one being waged by the children, a beauty/personal care revolution! You see, for years I was so concerned about our food and what we were putting IN our bodies, I wasn’t paying close attention to what we were putting ON our bodies.

That all changed two years ago when a friend  introduced me to a new company called Beautycounter which focuses on creating and promoting safe beauty and personal care products. Their mission is “To get safe products into the hands of everyone” which means the company not only creates safe products, it promotes research and education so that people understand the choices they are making in the beauty aisle. CHOICE, my favorite word. I LOVE the power of knowledge and I was immediately drawn to the company because not only are the makeup and skincare products high performing, and at the same price point as department store brands, but I felt completely empowered by all the information I was learning about unhealthy chemicals lurking in all our everyday products.

Beautycounter Banner

So, just like with food, the revolution was not completed overnight. Even two years later it’s still not completely over, but I started reading labels on bottles and tubes hanging around the bathroom…and the baby room. The bathroom was full of potential carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and unspecified mixes of chemicals. I don’t consider myself an alarmist, but I don’t like being exposed to unnecessary chemicals especially if I can find a product that works as well, or BETTER, than the chemical laden one. As I ran out of something, I switched to a safer brand. Toothpaste without SLS (especially for kids), nothing with fragrance or natural flavors, no parabens, aluminum free deodorant, mineral based sunscreen for us and the kids are some of the major changes we’ve made.


What does all this have to do with me ignoring my blog?? Well, a month ago I decided to join Beautycounter as a consultant because I wasn’t busy enough with a part-time job and two kids. I want to help the company share its mission and help it become successful in revolutionizing the beauty industry. Beautycounter has an unprecedented ingredient selection process that bans 1,500 questionable or harmful ingredients – that’s crazy considering only 11 are banned by US law. I have had very busy evenings launching my business and helping friends and family far and wide learn about this incredible company, so I haven’t had time for a hobby blog! Like I said, dinners have been simple. We aren’t perfect, but I feel good about what we are putting in and on our bodies.

Now, if I could just figure out a way to sleep past 6:30a on a Saturday.

Beautycounter Collection



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