Pizza Pizza!

Since I scored my $10 bread machine on VarageSale last year, I have been experimenting with different pizza dough recipes.The biggest criterion with pizza dough is: I have to be able to mix it ahead of time and refrigerate. I am not mixing up pizza dough after I walk in the door with the kids while they chill and what…play quietly? Do macrame? Not happening. Pizza dough must be completely ready, sometimes a day ahead, and rolled out before I pick them up.

I know there are oodles of pins out there for GF crust, cauli-crust, etc, but I wasn’t interested in those. I just wanted regular crust. I started with the recipes in the machine’s recipe booklet and those were OK, but they weren’t spectacular. I tried adding different ingredients in an effort to jazz up the dough – garlic olive oil, garlic salt, oregano/whatever herbs I had around – and different combinations of wheat flour and bread flour. I branched out to a Williams Sonoma recipe that was also OK, but the crust was always very flat. Sometimes a flat crust is desirable, but I want fluff for our regular pizzas. The make ahead requirement seemed to be an issue because even if I brought the crust to room temp before rolling out, it stayed flat.

This week I experimented with a recipe using a mixer, not a bread machine. A Pizza Dough – Stand Mixer Method from A Couple Cooks was at the top of my search page, so I gave it a try.

My Mods

~ I took their advice and used bread flour (King Arthur’s). Now that I have a 25lb bag of bread flour thanks to Sam’s…so I will always use bread flour in the future.

~ The mixer didn’t knead the dough for 8 minutes, probably half that time because I thought the dough started to look tough and I was worried it was being overworked.

~ To create a warm place for the dough to rise I warmed my oven for a minute or two and turned it off. I do this with my cinnamon rolls too and it has worked well.

~ After the dough finished rising and I punched it down, I placed in the fridge. I brought out of the fridge an hour before so it could warm up a little. I rolled out and placed on my oversized pizza rack and I stuck it in the cold oven until I was ready to cook.

~ I didn’t divide the dough in half either. I kept one giant ball of dough so I could make a giant pizza to feed four, and have some leftover for the 2 year old’s lunch, and mine.

~ I like to use fresh sliced mozzarella from the deli, but I shred mozzarella from a block if it’s on sale.

~ I brush the non-sauced “naked” part of the crust with olive oil and garlic salt.

~ Anything hotter than 425° gives me the heebie geebies, so I baked at that temp probably for 20 minutes and then stuck under the broiler to brown the cheese.


WOA. The boys LOVE this recipe. And parents do too! I have absolutely, without a doubt, found our  new pizza dough recipe. It passed my make-ahead test, and I really hope I can freeze it too. I even made my own pizza sauce, but that write-up will have to wait!

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget pizza dough
After mixing
Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget rising pizza dough
After rising
Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget risen pizza dough
Continues to rise in the fridge!
Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget pizza dough rolling
Ready to roll with a family heirloom rolling pin
Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget pizza dough ready
A blank canvas



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