Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

Today I thought I would share an image with you. It’s a picture of my perfectly clean, food blog picture ready kitchen. A calm environment in which I can quietly cook and create recipes.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Pinterest Kitchen

Yeah, obviously all that is totally bogus. But some days this is what the kitchen looks like while I am working. From right to left we have clean (from the dishwasher), dirty (no room in the dishwasher, see previous), clean (night before). I don’t know how moms who are gone all day deal with the kitchen because when we leave there is any combination of the following: crumbs on the floor or table, OJ was left out, half eaten banana on the counter, dirty skillet from breakfast on the stove, cereal containers out and the list goes on. I try to do one thing to make the kitchen less messy when I get back home before starting work, but some days I don’t get anything done until 15 mins before I leave to pick up the kids. And that’s when I am greeted by this lovely site. It was so crazy I had to laugh. It’s ok, you can laugh, too. Or cry.

Yesterday was one of those days, and thank goodness I had dinner cooking in the crockpot all day. Chicken tortilla soup. And it was probably one of our cheapest dinners because I made the enchilada sauce (savings) last night using homemade chicken stock (savings), frozen diced tomatoes bought on sale (savings) and the soup had a base of water and more homemade chicken stock (savings). I didn’t thaw the tomatoes or chicken before throwing in the pot. I left out the green chiles and I didn’t miss them. I made some cheese quesadillas as a side, mostly for the kids because I wasn’t sure they would eat the soup. The preschooler said politely “no thanks,” but the two year old was smitten with the soup. We were practicing “soup” in spanish, which is “sopa,” but he was shortening it to “soap” and making us all giggle.  Sorry, no cute pinterest ready pictures today. Soup and quesadillas give us two dinners.

A dinner like this requires a little planning ahead, but the day of couldn’t be easier!


3 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

  1. this made me laugh. thanks. its exactly what my kitchen looks like after i create my food bliss. im like my poor hands and dishwasher… lol. but always worth it. thankful i can cook up some serious homemade recipes. sometimes i will say… ” where is my fairy god mother wand for these dishes and laundry”. ! lol


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