Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Cinnamon Bread6

One evening while I was tooling around on my tablet, waiting for my preschooler to fall asleep, a delicious sounding recipe for cinnamon swirl bread from Passionate Penny Pincher danced across my Facebook feed. It is a bread machine recipe, and we all know how much I am enjoying my $10 find! We love us some sweet bread ’round here, breakfast, lunch, dessert, you name it, so I tried the recipe for the first time last weekend.

My  preschooler helped me throw the ingredients in the machine. I used King Arthur’s bread flour that I bought as part of my Amazon Prime Pantry purchase. Eventually I would like to substitute a little www flour for bread flour, but I have not attempted that yet.

The bread is TOTALLY delicious. Two loaves lasted a hot minute around here. The first time I tried the recipe both loaves came out perfectly, but the second time I tried baking them in the toaster oven and that didn’t work too well. They cooked too fast on top and not fast enough inside. They are still edible though, but the inside wasn’t tightly coiled like my first batch. So back to the oven I go, and unfortunately that involves heating up the kitchen. Yes, it has refined sugar but hey still much better for us than store bought. Now that I have this recipe, I have NO reason to buy Pepperidge Farms anymore! This recipe is so good and easy, it saved me from making donut impulse buys several times.

If you have a bread machine, I highly recommend this recipe. If you don’t, google “cinnamon swirl bread recipe” because making bread from scratch isn’t that hard, just time consuming thanks to all the mixing, resting, punching, rising, baking. But if you have to be in the house thanks to nap time, might as well have some bread proofing, or something. Hope you enjoy your “cimmanon” bread as much as we do!

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Cinnamon Bread3

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Cinnamon Bread2
Loaves rising in my beautiful 50’s era Pyrex dishes

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Cinnamon Bread6


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