1lb Chicken, Two Dinners

When you are buying organic chicken at $6.99#, or even the next best chicken that is anti-biotic free that is $3.99#, it’s important to stretch those dollars!  I have already shared how I often thinly slice chicken breasts to stretch a pound of chicken between the four of us (back then I was paying $5.99 at Publix so it was EVEN more important to stretch!). Here are two dinners we had this week using 1lb of chicken.Earlier in the week I cooked 1lb of lightly salted chicken (my last pound from the freezer) in the crockpot for a few hours then cooled, chopped and refrigerated.

Dinner #1: Our favorite chicken alfredo, using homemade chicken stock. I made the cheese sauce the day before, and I used 100% whole wheat pasta for the first time and we thought it tasted great (I am not always a big fan of whole wheat things). We only ate half so I can either have leftovers for yet another dinner, or eat it for lunch throughout the week.

Dinner #2: Chicken flatbread. I made the pizza dough a few weeks ago and froze it. Instead of pizza sauce I infused some olive oil with garlic and mixed with the chicken, and drizzled some over the crust. I sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. I cooked at 425 until I could smell the pizza – 20 minutes maybe? The flatbread with healthy heapings of fresh pineapple fed us well. This was definitely a budget friendly meal – but I was able to elevate the dish by doing some fancy things like infusing olive oil and using quality parm cheese.

There you have it. Healthy, homemade and on budget!


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