Cinnamon Quick Bread

I enjoyed this lovely breakfast this morning while receiving parenting tips from Daniel Tiger’s mom. I’m not sure how old Daniel Tiger is, but she was encouraging him to fix his broken trolley and of course her message was a catchy little tune. As I sat at the table with my two kids, one of whom was sick and that’s why we had no school today, contemplating my parenting choices thanks to a cartoon tiger, and secretly hoping my oldest was taking note of the message, I decided I needed two helpings of bread and cinnamon schmear.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget 100 Days of Food Cinnamon Bread

The bread is complements of 100 Days of Real Food cookbook, but the Weelicous author featured the recipe on her blog. I first heard about it from my oldest sister. It is truly delicious and easy.

My Mods

  • I used 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour, and the rest white whole wheat. Note: I have found using all whole wheat pastry flour makes my baked goods too crumbly so I like to mix with www four.
  • Coconut oil melted after I measured the 1/2 cup
  • You can bake in a toaster oven! I love doing that instead of heating up my big oven, and heating up the whole kitchen
  • I skipped raisins. I love raisins. But I didn’t have any.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Cinnamon Bread ingredients

Cinnamon Schmear

  1. 8oz (or however much cream cheese you want) block of cream cheese, softened. I used 1/3 less fat
  2. Mix in about 3T of pure maple syrup. Maybe honey would work but I like maple syrup the best
  3. A lot of cinnamon. Shake it. Shake it some more.
  4. Mix, mix, mix and give a taste. Not sweet enough? Add more maple syrup. Want more spice? Add some cinnamon. Nutmeg might be nice.

That’s it! Cut a piece, schmear the schmear and question your parenting style. My kids were more into their waffles than the bread, and that’s ok I don’t want to share.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget 100 Days of Food Cinnamon Bread2Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget 100 Days of Food Cinnamon Bread3


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