Tostadas with Homemade Tortillas

When a four year old says, “Mmm these are wewy yummy Mommy! Mmm.” that’s code for, “you should make these every week until I go to college.” We eat A LOT of tortillas around here in quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas and taquitos. I always buy the tortillas, usually Mission corn in stacks of 80, and I’ve never made them from scratch. But, there is always a bag of Maseca in my pantry because my mother-in-law makes them from scratch when she comes to visit. Last week I forgot to buy the Mission tortillas at Publix during my weekly trip, so I decided to attempt to make them from scratch.

My biggest question is: why did it take this gringa so long to make tortillas?! They are pretty much the easiest thing ever to make. I followed the recipe on the bag exactly and they turned out well. Only problem is they dried out after a day so I need to find a better way to store them.

I decided to make a girl-from-the-burbs version of tostadas for dinner one day but instead of frying the tortillas, I sprayed them with olive oil, sprinkled with some sea salt and broiled on both sides until they were crispy. Then I loaded on chicken (cooked for a few hours in the slow cooker earlier in the day) and cheese and broiled again. They would have been even better with pico de gallo or guac, but I didn’t have ingredients for either.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget corn tortillas2Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget corn tortillas1

When my preschooler asked me what tostadas were (quickly after asking what I was making for dinner) I told him they were like big nachos, and that’s exactly what they were! Actually, better for you because they weren’t fried, and cheaper. I’m excited to make some flour tortillas from Prairie Homestead this weekend, but I’m planning on making a big batch!

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget tostadas


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