Mini-Pledge Week 3: Meat

The 100 Days of Real Food challenges for this week are to buy meat local/humanely raised (within 100 miles of your house) and to treat meat like a side dish rather than the main.

I already know I won’t be buying locally raised meat. I tried doing that one month and I realized how incredibly expensive local meat was. I think I’m pretty good at stretching our food dollar, but $12# for chicken and $9# for pork was too much to bear. Beef was the only semi-affordable option, but the farmer doesn’t frequent my farmer’s market anymore so I don’t have a good options. For a family of four with two small children, we aren’t able to feed the family, maintain my sanity and stay on budget with local prices.

Farmer's Market Bounty
Expensive local meat

The other challenge for the week is to reduce meat consumption to 3 or 4 servings, and to treat it like a side dish instead of the focal point. I would love to introduce a vegetarian meal once or twice a week because it will save us money, unless I’m buying ingredients that I don’t normally buy or go to waste (I’m a little concerned about the radishes in my fridge…) 90% of the time our main dish consists of meat mixed with something to stretch it across four of us – casseroles, rice, potatoes, tortillas, sandwiches, etc help me stretch a pound of meat. So, I already feel like we are #winning.

I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired by the vegetarian recipes provided, but I did find a slow cooker potato soup in her cookbook that sounded good. And we usually do homemade pizza once a week. Here’s the plan:


Monday: Leftovers from Sunday, Gimme Some Oven chicken alfredo

Tuesday: Homemade pizza. I used a new bread machine dough recipe and substituted WWW flour for AP.

Wednesday: chicken tostadas, using shredded chicken in the freezer and..wait..HOMEMADE TORTILLAS! More on that another day.

Thursday and Friday: Slow cooker chicken tortilla soup with homemade enchilada sauce (super easy)

Saturday: 100 Days of Real Food slow cooker potato soup, which isn’t available online. But I found a similar one from  Foodlets, which is a new blog I bookmarked

The soup days I will need to have a substantial side like quesadillas because I know the four year old won’t be interested, and the two year old is iffy.





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