Week 1 Round-up

Wondering how our first week was under the 100 Days of Real Food mini-pledge? Overall, it was pretty easy to fit two fruits/veggies into every meal because by default most of our meals already had at least one! So, we didn’t have to change much. The only day I had some issues was Wednesday and that’s because we are going through some school issues and I was extremely stressed out that day. Thursday was similar although I was able to recover in the afternoon. The only dinner we deviated from our original plan was Thursday when I made chicken quesadillas instead of chicken and potatoes (those potatoes are still hanging out in the fridge..)

Yummy Breakfast

An easy way to fit fruit and veg into your breakfast? Smoothies. They are fantastic. I decided to make a new one, pumpkin green smoothie. Mmm!

Easy Lunches

The three pepper slaw from Cooking Light is GREAT! I mixed it up the night before and because the slaw I bought had some red cabbage, it dyed the salad a light pink. Not too picture friendly, but still delicious. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like coleslaw! Beware, it is very acidic. My husband said it reminded him of something his mom makes, what a compliment because she’s a great cook! I also added green peppers to my ham or chicken quesadillas this week to get some extra veg in.

For tomorrow I have the veg ready to make the CL chicken couscous recipe. This is the first time I have chopped up radishes and I kept thinking about Peter Rabbit. Our own sweet bunny, Buster, got some of the parsley as a snack. The cucumber smelled really yummy.


The kids did not eat the vegetable rice or the shepherd’s pie, and that’s ok. The rule in the house is no one has to eat what Mom makes. I don’t do a one bite rule. But that’s the food that is available for dinner (ie I don’t make anything else).

Looking Forward

Week #2 is about beverages – drinking only real drinks like milk, water, tea, coffee. Wine is allowed, so I am trying to find some that I will like (I’m a beer girl), and I think I will modify this challenge a bit. She doesn’t want us drinking juice, fine. But on the weekends I like to make my own juice in my super awesome Omega juicer. I bought a giant bag of carrots last week so if I have time I may still make us a pitcher of our fav fizzy apple juice. Cuz I’m a rebel.


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