Mini-Pledge Week 1: Fruits and Veg

I received the email with our first challenge in this 14 week series from 100 Days of Real Food. The challenge, should we choose to accept it, is to add two different fruits and/or veggies to each meal. I know breakfast  will be easy because I make a green smoothie almost everyday (the 2 year old isn’t much of a breakfast kid, but he does like smoothies) so that’s fruit AND veg in the morning, plus there’s the usual bananas, oranges and frozen fruit on oatmeal. Lunch is going to be my challenge because I usually have a late breakfast (after I workout), then have a small lunch of quesadillas or cheese/crackers/popcorn and some fruit. I brought out a Cooking Light salad book that was a gift from my sister years ago that has some great salad dressing recipes. Right away I bookmarked a three pepper slaw salad and a chicken couscous salad – with radishes and cucumbers. EEK! They are easy recipes I can make ahead and there will be enough for my husband, if he comes home for lunch, as well.

I received an email with five recipes and a shopping list, but they weren’t particularly exciting to me. One recipe was  for a peach green smoothie, which I already know how to make, another recipe was for vegetable fried rice, and I made that on Sunday and it was OK…the kids ate the side dishes, and shepherd’s pie, which I will make this week. I already have a great recipe from my mom but I will try this new one out. I’m going to use the stock in my freezer.

I took the preschooler with me to Walmart on Sunday to get all the chicken and grassfed beef I could, as well as a few other things I know are a good deal there, like big blocks of Cabot cheese. To reward his good behavior he got to pick out a bag of gross gummies in the candy aisle, his choice – worms. He was ecstatic. Then, off to Publix where he got a cookie and then was very good while I picked up the rest of the things we needed for the week like tons of fruits and veggies. New things like organic cucumbers, premade slaw and radishes made their way into the cart and old favorites like green peppers, green onions, pineapples and frozen fruit did too.

During nap/quiet time in the house, he helped me make our favorite waffles, then I baked some pumpkin granola bars (not my favorite, but they are edible), cooked a chicken in the crockpot, diced and sliced green peppers, and finely chopped up the slaw.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Full FridgeHealthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Slaw and Peppers


Here’s the general plan for the week:

Monday: Tonight we had beef tacos. Fruit: kids ate pears. Veg: tomatoes in the beef, salad on the side

Shepherd’s pie: to save time I bought pre-made mashed potatoes. The only ingredients are salt and potatoes. Veg: peas and carrots

Chicken fajitas. Veg: green peppers, side salad

Chicken and potatoes: I have some random potatoes that need to get eaten, so I’ll make a hash of chicken and potatoes. Veg: potatoes, side salad

Homemade pizza: Veg: green peppers, tomatoes

For lunch I have the slaw already prepped and when we finish that I will mix up the couscous salad the night before.

I also thawed out some apple pie filling I made a few months ago, threw it in a pre-made crust, mixed together some flour, sugar and butter and baked in the oven this evening. Hey, I have to reward us for eating radishes, and I need the freezer space.


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