The Lost Blogger Returneth

Woa. It’s been a whopping TWO MONTHS since my last post! Usually I don’t know where the time goes, this time I know it was spent making baked goods for teachers, stressing over how to stretch the Christmas gift budget, lots of work and a vacation.

After my year anniversary post we only had two short weeks before we packed up and went back to my home in Northern VA for two weeks. TWO WEEKS! Before my vacation I was working like a mad woman, in both my paid and unpaid jobs. I’m pretty sure we ate lots of quesadillas, nachos and meatballs during that time. 

After having two weeks off in the kitchen, I’ve been slooooow to get back to cooking interesting things. When we returned I immediately took the pre-schooler food shopping for weekly staples at Publix and the meat at Wal-mart. I bought so much chicken, and then my parents gave us a lot of beef as a Christmas present, that I haven’t done any meat shopping since the beginning of this month! Yay, that’s my goal.

With the hours I’m working, all the driving (250mi week to and from school), the planning and cooking, plus some gym time to help rehab my knee, my days are pretty packed. That means I have to be even more efficient with my planning and cooking. How? I am going to try  to do more cooking once, eating twice. What does that mean? A good example is this past week I grilled at least 2lbs of chicken (that I butterflied) marinated in olive oil and various fajita type spices (I didn’t use a recipe). PSA insert: Ladies – if you aren’t comfortable with a grill, you doing yourself a disservice. I use my mom’s great motto, “If I didn’t grill, I wouldn’t eat.” In other words, if I didn’t know how to turn on the grill and cook some stuff our family would be in trouble. Seriously, it’s not rocket science, they make grills easy to operate on purpose!

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget grilled chicken


The first night we ate the chicken as-is, and the second night I thinly sliced and put into quesadillas (I found these awesome organic flour tortillas at a local store and I’m really excited. Sometimes I crave flour tortillas and I get tired of the corn).

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget sliced grilled chicken

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget chicken quesadilla

I realize this is not super exciting or difficult, but it saved me time and it’s something I NEED to do more often. Hopefully soon I will get back to my usual groove and try some new recipes! I promise, it won’t be another 2 months from now.


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