Soccer Night Nachos

I titled these soccer night nachos, but they could be named swim night nachos, scout night nachos, busy night nachos, I don’t feel like making anything else night nachos, the possibilities are endless. The pre-schooler has soccer “practice” on Thursday evenings and after experimenting with different dinner options on those late nights, I have decided nachos are the easiest and fastest. We usually roll into the house around 6:30 and everyone is tired and hungry (including the parents), so time is of the essence. 

They do require a little bit of pre-planning, but that is easy if you know of a busy night ahead of time. I rotate a couple different nacho options:

Once you have the meat picked out (either leftover from the week or frozen), you can assemble these easy peasy nachos in three steps:

  1. Lay out tortilla chips flat on a baking sheet. I do this before picking up the boys from school and leave the tray in the oven. Our favorite is Greenwise yellow corn chips because they are thick and flat, and I swear the salt becomes more intense in the oven. Mmmm.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Chicken Nachos5

2. Sprinkle the meat on top of the chips

3. Sprinkle your favorite shredded cheese on top. I always shred monterey jack or pepper jack ahead of time.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Chicken Nachos3

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Chicken Nachos4

I hope your baking sheet looks as awesome as mine does.

Then, stick under the broiler for a few minutes and set a timer! I don’t recommend relying on your memory because they cook fast. If you want to get fancy (and healthy) you can sprinkle tomatoes, chopped onions, guacamole, beans, whatever you like on top. I usually don’t have those things pre-chopped so I don’t add.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Chicken Nachos2

That’s it! I would never consider my boys to be picky eaters, but it did take a few times before my oldest would eat these. In the beginning he would eat the chips, maybe some chicken he picked off, but now he loves them.

 Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Chicken Nachos1



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