Reusable Snack Bags

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget snack bags1

This post isn’t about food per se, but it is related to saving money in the kitchen. One way I free up money for higher quality ingredients is by reducing money we spend on stuff that ends up in the trash – little baggies, plastic wrap, napkins, paper towels. Years ago we stopped buying paper towels because they are so wasteful and we use lots (and lots) of towels, rags and old baby wash cloths for wiping messes and sticky hands. I try not to use plastic wrap unless it’s absolutely necessary – like wrapping up raw chicken. Instead, I cover food with plates and silicone covers (I don’t cook with them).

My favorite way to save money is using fabric food baggies instead of plastic baggies. I still have a small stash of ziploc baggies because my kids are little and throw away is easier for them and their teachers. But, sometimes I send them with reusable bags with their names on them, and anytime we go somewhere (soccer, grocery store) I ALWAYS use these bags. No velcro! Fold the flap over and food stays secure. You could even get fancy and line with PUL for water resistant interiors!

About a month ago I made some snack bags for my older sisters’ kids. I had such fun going through my fabric scraps remembering the original use for each print. The cherry print was from my very first sewing project – napkins! I paid my friend for a sewing lesson. 🙂 Some I used for costumes, some for kid things, some for DIY home projects. I used this very easy pattern from Cotton Bottom MamaI made a few with her exact measurements, and then I started using up scraps and my bags were all different sizes. The smallest bag is SmallToo small for my toddler’s tiny fingers, but my pre-schooler can use it. The bags I have pictured are the small and medium sizes. The biggest is good for sandwiches.

If you have some fabric gathering dust, consider making these! Your wallet will thank you.

 Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget snack bags2 Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget snack bags3


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