No Fail Oatmeal Cookie Bites

After trying three of four “energy bites” recipes, the first being Honey Oat Energy Bites, I found one that we love. I found this Kid-Approved No-Bake Energy Bites from Redefined Mom, and her post spoke to me. I’m talking about the part where she laments over her failed attempts at making granola bars. I can totally relate and that’s why I started making energy bites in the first place.

HealthyKitchenHealthyBudget No Fail Energy Bites3

These truly are no fail and everyone loves these around here, including both kids. To make them even more enticing, I call them cookie balls and the pre-schooler helps me mix these up. The first time he helped me with the oatmeal, honey, peanut butter, and chopped chocolate chips. Then, when he was doing bath time, I chopped up the dried dates and added those in (sometimes I add raisins). Now that he has eaten these little guys several times, he might not care about the dates, but I still hide them because I don’t want to find out his feelings on the matter.

My Mods

-I use quick cooking oatmeal because I like how the smaller pieces stick together, and I think smaller oatmeal pieces are less offensive to the pre-schooler.

-I use some all natural peanut butter where the only ingredient is “peanuts.” No salt. sugar, dried cane syrup, blah blah because the honey will make these sweet enough.

-I like to coarsely chop the chocolate chips

I keep them on a platter (tart pan to be exact) on the bottom shelf in the fridge so the kids can reach in and grab one before I am officially awake. (Ahem next to the beer because the bottles can only fit on the bottom shelf)

HealthyKitchenHealthyBudget No Fail Energy Bites

They are also great for lunch, dessert, and beach snacks. They will also work for other family outings where snacks are required if you don’t have a beach.


HealthyKitchenHealthyBudget No Fail Energy Bites2



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