Heavenly [Bread Machine] Cinnamon Rolls

I have really been enjoying our bread machine the past few weeks. Although I talk a lot about bread baking, we are not swimming in bread loaves ’round here. I have used the bread machine to make bread/dough that I normally would have bought at the store – pizza dough, hamburger buns and bread for paninis.

For Labor Day weekend I decided to make something special – cinnamon rolls. I bookmarked this recipe from Money Saving Mom I was really excited to try it. I mixed up the dough before dinner on Saturday evening and while my husband was giving our toddler his bath, my oldest “helped” me roll out the dough.

My Mods

-I used all bread flour

-3T melted coconut oil

I read the recipe wrong and mixed the melted butter and brown sugar together. You can imagine the melted sugary mess that created, but I was able to sprinkle everything over the dough. As the recipe suggests, I put one batch in the fridge to bake in the morning and one in the freezer.

HealthyKitchenHealthyBudget Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls

I know, that one at the top looks pretty weird. He was the end and didn’t get much sugar. Or shape.

The Verdict

INSANELY DELICIOUS!!! Ooey, gooey, and wonderfully homemade. I made the powdered sugar icing and iced the first batch, but did not have icing on the second batch (the one I froze, pictured above) and they were plenty sweet – I don’t like cinnamon rolls to be over the top sweet. They are best the day of, but they reheat well in the microwave. My oldest eventually tried the “rolling balls I made last night” and he thoroughly enjoyed them as well. He was really excited to see the second batch this morning.

HealthyKitchenHealthyBudget Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls3HealthyKitchenHealthyBudget Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls2

There is another recipe on Money Saving Mom that I’m anxious to try next because it uses honey instead of sugar. Will report back when I do!


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