Shopping Day

When it’s time to shop around here, it’s time to shop. This is the site that greeted me yesterday:

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget shopping day

We actually did have enough for dinner (chicken sausage and pasta, applesauce and salad) and breakfast this morning (apple pie pancakes, some juice and dried fruit), but for lunch we grabbed McD’s after a visit to the Farmer’s Market. We all went shopping together this afternoon and I decided that afternoon shopping is a bad, bad idea. Even though the toddler had a long nap and the pre-schooler had a snooze in the car, there was lots of crankiness and crying from the peanut gallery, especially the smallest peanut. Yeah, morning is much better, but at least my husband was there to push the cart around while I darted from aisle to aisle like a gazelle running for its life.

I’m excited to try two new recipes this week, and we are treating ourselves to fresh shrimp from the fish market on Labor Day. Our oldest won’t eat it, and maybe the toddler will try it but I’m excited to have some shrimp on the barbie with peach sauce we bought at the market.

Sunday: We are going to a late afternoon birthday party. Not sure how hungry the crowd will be for dinner so may eat light like yogurt or cereal

Monday: Shrimp on the barbie with peach sauce

Tuesday: Our favorite breaded chicken

Wednesday: Pork carnitas from Jo Cooks. I am going to try and make crispy taco shells and cook the meat in the crockpot

Thursday: Nachos with leftover pork. Thursdays are soccer nights now and I need Thursdays to always be leftovers.

Friday: Thai peanut chicken in the crockpot from Five Heart Home

Saturday: Leftover chicken if we have some


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