Apple Pie Pancakes

You all already know we are big fans of “faffles” round here. I make them regularly, but I try to rotate different breakfast foods including muffins, eggs, and plain ol’ cereal along with some kind of fruit. When I think we’re in a rut, I make a change. Hence, last week I tried some apple pie pancakes I found on Pinterest from Averie Cooks. I know standing at the stove is a pain and that’s the reason I make waffles so regularly, but I kept the sizes small so they cooked faster. I’m having some wishful thinking that fall is right around the corner so I particularly enjoyed mixing up what I call “fall Trinity” which includes cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Crockpot sugar and spice

My Mods

-White whole wheat instead of AP

-Melted coconut oil instead of butter

-I mixed half 1% milk and half/half to equal 1 cup

-I used red delicious apples and peeled them first

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Crockpot apple pie pancakes2

The Result

They were a big hit! My oldest has at least two for breakfast and the toddler can polish one off. I warm them up in the toaster so they don’t get rubbery in the microwave. If you want some nice pictures head over to the original post from Averie Cooks. 😉


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