How to Stretch $6 Chicken Four Ways

Greenwise chicken breasts were on sale at Publix last week for $5.99#. We don’t have Trader Joes, or Costco (nearby) to buy organic chicken at low prices. The only place I’ve seen organic chicken is at the organic grocery store for $12.99# – that store is good for some of our needs, but not chicken. On a “good, better, best” scale, I consider Greenwise “better.” The thin cutlets are nice because they cook quickly, but they are usually not on sale and I don’t buy them at $7.99#. Lately, to save money and decrease cooking time I have been splitting the chicken breasts. The important thing is to have a SHARP knife and to go slow so each piece is somewhat even. I’m sure there are plenty of instructions and videos on YouTube showing proper technique, I just wing it.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget chicken breasts2

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget chicken breasts

There ya have, four chicken cutlets!

The next step in stretching my chicken dollar is to season, dip them in egg wash and bread in homemade breadcrumbs. Usually I make breadcrumbs from the ends of our bread loaves and/or bread I buy on sale at the bakery. Not this time! I made honey wheat bread in our bread machine and ground up half the loaf. I’m so excited about this big change in our kitchen! One less thing I need to buy at the store! For the picture below I think I threw in some panko I had in the pantry.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget homemade honey wheat bread

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget breadcrumbs

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget breaded chicken

At this point I wrapped each chicken breast in plastic wrap and put in the freezer. We like them pan fried in olive oil but you can doctor these up any way you want. We serve with fruit and salad. I even save some for the toddler’s lunch the next day, but I have to grab the portion before we start dinner because this chicken gets eaten fast!

So that is how we split a pound of chicken between the four of us, for less than six bucks!


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