New Azure Adventure!

Because our grocery bill ballooned so much towards the end of last month, I started cutting back on my organic purchases to about half organic/half not. Sometimes I buy organic dairy, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I buy organic fruit, sometimes I don’t and soak them in vinegar (for the record I think organic berries taste sweeter and are more ripe in the store).

But just because I have cut back for the time being doesn’t mean I have given up completely, and I spend time in the evenings searching and thinking about how to save money on organic food. My logic is, if I can figure out a way to save on non-perishable items, then I can spend more on the dairy, meat and produce from the store. Recently I found a bulk buying opportunity through Azure Standard. Once a month you order your food and it arrives to a pre-assigned drop place. I contacted the manager and found this buying club is way less involved than a co-op I used to belong to. I am most interested in bulk flour, sugar, baking items, and snacks because those things get pricey at the store and are in small quantities. So for this month I bought 5lbs of whole wheat pastry flour, 5lb hard red wheat flour, a massive container of coconut oil (I use it in all my baking), 1lb of yeast (bread machine), and a box of Annie’s crackers for lunches. Then I bought an extra $6 worth of apples that I use for our fizzy apple juice. The entire pickup process lasted about 15 minutes, my kinda speed! Only problem is the pickup spot is waaaay out of my way and I will be late[er] to pick up the kids at school. When my supplies are dwindling I will have to decide if the time and drive are worth it to save a few bucks. Usually I say no, but at least I have the option now!

HKHB Azure


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