Meal Plan 8.16 – 8.22 (new and improved)

For the past few months I have (mostly) written my meal plans and grocery lists in a small notebook that stays in my purse. I usually end up crossing things out, putting arrows pointing to different days and sometimes I even have to completely re-write the entire page because it’s such a mess. This week instead of trying to squeeze my dinner and grocery list onto a small piece of paper, I decided to use a sophisticated meal planning program to input my information and create a handy dandy printable to take to the store.

The program is called Microsoft Word. Yeah, that’s right. There are a million pins and re-pins of cute and colorful meal plan tables. But I created a basic table, typed out the cooking tasks I need to do throughout the week (instead of relying on my tired brain cells) and I still had room for my grocery list.

HKHB Meal Plan 81515

I don’t write down everything I need – I always buy milk, OJ, eggs, lots of cheese and snacks for school. I was very pleased with my grocery trip again. I scored some good sales, had three coupons and I stayed ninja focused on my grocery list. I even splurged on a few special items, like fresh mozzarella cheese that was cheaper than the regular block cheese, salad dressing (a convenience I try to live without, but then we don’t eat the salad) and Applegate pepperoni. Later this week I am picking up an order through the Azure Standard co-op I just joined and I am really excited about that.

Sunday: Steak enchiladas, using pulled steak I cooked in the crockpot last week and mixed with BBQ sauce. I made my favorite enchilada sauce from Gimme Some Oven. That crockpot recipe gave us three dinners – steak sandwiches, steak sandwich paninis, and enchiladas.

Monday: Pizza, using chicken shredded and frozen last week, pesto I made and froze last week and pizza dough I MADE in our bread machine! Yahoo! Will report how it turns out..

Tuesday: Chicken quesadillas from my handy chicken in the crockpot

Wednesday and Thursday: Crockpot chicken fajitas from Stacy Makes Cents

Friday: Similar to Tuesday, but paninis instead of quesadillas

Saturday: Breaded chicken

I even had time to whip up another batch of our favorite honey banana bread


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