Meal Plan 8.9 – 8.15

I went food shopping with the tot on Saturday and I made out like a bandit…well, by my standards anyway. $126 for the entire week, and that includes beer (three meals/day/family of four)! I felt especially awesome because Publix had some BOGO/sales on items I usually buy (craisins, Kettle chips and Applegate ham) AND I added digital coupons for extra savings. I rarely use coupons because it’s almost impossible to find coupons for things we buy (i.e. organic) so I usually try to save by choosing the Publix brand as much as possible. But this time sales and manufacturer coupons were in my favor. 

Another way I saved is I didn’t buy any cookies or crackers. Instead I bought quality cheese so I can make some cheese crackers this week (kids still out of school) and the pre-schooler can help me roll them out. I have made these crackers from 365 Days of Baking & More before, but it’s been years. I know lunch food and snacks, especially the kind we buy, really add up so I am going to try and make more at home, emphasis on try. I know it won’t be possible all the time, but every bit helps! I tried a new cookie recipe from Gimme Some Oven and the dough is chilling now. Love that blog.

Sunday: Today was supposed to be eggs for the kids and pesto pasta for us. But my husband brought home some leftovers from a bbq, so we ate that.

Monday: Eggs for kids and pesto pasta for us (normally I don’t make separate meals, but neither kid likes pasta and eggs are easy enough..) This classic pesto recipe has been my go-to for years. I never use pinenuts, because I never have them. I have used walnuts, but today I left nuts out completely.

Tuesday: Crockpot steak sandwiches. This week I bought Greenwise chuck roast because it was only a few cents more than the regular roast. I will use the dry rub from

Wednesday: Sandwich leftovers

Thursday: Chicken alfredo. I cooked the chicken today

Friday: Chicken alfredo leftovers

Saturday: Chicken quesadillas. I think I will have enough shredded chicken


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