Back to Meal Planning 7.19-7.25

It’s been a long time since I posted a meal plan. Our dinners have been pretty simple these days and I haven’t tried many new recipes, so I didn’t bother writing out a “meal plan” each week. Mostly I’ve been cooking a lot of chicken on the grill and our sides have been fruit/salad/green beans. Despite simple dinners, our monthly grocery bill has skyrocketed once again, and I am trying to reign in the food spending. One of the reasons I have to buy so many groceries is we almost never eat out, except on Saturdays my husband and oldest will eat lunch out if they are at a car show. But, I feel better when I calculate our meals to come out to be less than $4/person – not bad.

Yesterday we discovered we have a HUGE rosemary bush growing in our backyard. I never venture over to the corner of our backyard because it’s prime spot for creepy crawlies, so I never noticed (smelled) the bush. Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs, so last night I searched for “rosemary” on pinterest and found some ideas. Hence, rosemary bread is proofing in the corner, and two dinners this week use rosemary!

Sunday: Left over chicken parmesan with tomato sauce, cut into tiny bites and mixed with store bought tortellini

Monday: Grilled chicken, with fajita seasoning and olive oil

Tuesday: Rosemary grilled chicken

Wednesday: Chicken quesadillas (using split chicken breasts I will cook in the crockpot)

Thursday: Breaded chicken pan seared

Friday: Eggs for kids, pesto pasta for us

Saturday: Rosemary grilled pork


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