Honey Oat Energy Bites

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Honey Oat Energy Bites2

I did it. I joined Pinterest. As a techie by trade, I’m critical when it comes to websites and apps. I think the Pinterest app is a little clunky and I don’t like how I have to dig down two, three times to get to an actual recipe. But it gives me ideas and I can see the value in having a one-stop shop for all things food and crafts, and everything else people want to brag about 😉

The first thing I searched for? “Energy bites,” aka a combination of honey, nut butter, oats and other fixins’ rolled into a little ball. I have tried many, many granola bar recipes and none of them have turned out well. No-bake granola bites seemed like a good alternative and I’m hoping I can eventually stop buying granola bars (that are expensive and loaded with sugar).

There are about a billions pins for energy bites. I found one from Cooking Classy that sounded easy, and I already had the ingredients.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Honey Oat Energy Bites3

After I mixed everything up, I was faced with an impending crisis: no chocolate in the house. Don’t worry, this will be rectified soon.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Honey Oat Energy Bites4

Today I bought a jar of pure peanut butter, no salt or sugar added and next time I will use that instead of the regular kind.

There was only one problem with the recipe: it didn’t make enough! The cookie balls, as I called them trying to entice the pre-schooler to take a bite, are DELISH. I pop a few for breakfast, for snack, after lunch, when the kids are running around screaming like banshees before dinner, you get the picture. They are versatile.

Healthy Kitchen Healthy Budget Honey Oat Energy Bites

I think they got better overnight and even better the next day as they chilled and solidified. I am excited to try other combinations soon!


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