Honey Banana Bread

Bananas. A popular and versatile fruit, and what parents may start to feel now that kids are out for summer 🙂 Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a banana tree in our backyard. My husband says I don’t want a fruit tree because they are such a pain, but we would save money with one! I buy two bunches a week – I use one banana for our green smoothie in the morning, my husband frequently eats one for breakfast, and EACH kid can polish one off!

I’m not a fan of “raw” bananas, but I do enjoy banana bread/muffins. Last week I had two very ripe bananas that I wanted to use up and I knew they would be perfect for banana bread. As I was sitting in the pre-schooler’s bedroom waiting for him to fall asleep, I looked for a banana bread recipe that uses honey because I had a jar of homemade honey in my pantry. I found this recipe from Cookie + Kate, but the first time I baked the bread in a loaf pan and I thought it came out too dry. The second time I baked it in a shallow glass pan and it was much better. I didn’t record the cook time, but obviously it cooks faster in a shallow dish so I had to keep checking on it.

After reading through the comments, I skipped the baking soda/hot water step and mixed the baking soda and flour together before adding. I added milk in its place like someone suggested. I used a combination of whole wheat pastry flour, and white whole wheat flour, and refined coconut oil.

Easy and tasty, with a “mmm vewy dewishious” from the pre-schooler. Keeper!

banana bread


2 thoughts on “Honey Banana Bread

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