The Best Overnight French Toast Casserole

French bread toast casserole5

Breakfast is a big deal around here. We usually eat lots of waffles, and egg “samiches” and green smoothies on a daily basis. When family is in town I like to make a big breakfast for everyone, but who wants to stand at the stove cooking pancakes or french toast, especially when there are crazy tiny people running around? It’s also nice to make something special on the weekend when it’s “just us.”

French bread toast casserole3

Pioneer Woman and her overnight french toast casserole to the rescue. I LOVE this recipe because it only take a few minutes to mix up before bedtime, then you can set it and forget it (for an hour) in the morning. Here are my notes:

  • I buy bread on sale from the bakery. I’ve used every kind out there – sourdough, french bread, NW Florida’s interpretation of Cuban bread, and rolls are the ones that come to mind
  • You can break up the bread into pieces and freeze or store in the fridge
  • Make the crumble the day before. If you try to make in the morning, you might reach for the cumin instead of cinnamon in the spice cabinet. #epicfail
  • I reduce the sugar in the egg mixture because the topping is very sweet. Last time I added about 1/3c sugar to the egg, milk batter – way less than the original recipe.
  • I add a lot of cinnamon and vanilla.
  • I only use whole milk and skip the cream (so, 2 1/2c milk total), although I have used half/half before. I like to use stuff we have around the house, and we always have whole milk
  • You will have to experiment with the time and temperature. I always have to cook longer, but often use more than 1 loaf of bread so my casserole is a little thicker and naturally takes longer to cook through.

French bread toast casserole

Make sure to pair with fruit and a mango-banana-carrot-OJ-yogurt smoothie!

French bread toast casserole2


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