Mint Limeade

limes mint limeade

Who doesn’t love lemonade in the summer? I love lemonade all year long, and same goes for limeade. My mint plant has been growing like crazy the past few weeks so last night I made mojitos for my husband and me. But mojitos only take a few sprigs of mint, and I wanted to cut the plant way back. So during my Saturday Publix run, I bought 12 limes so I could make mint limeade, a Cooking Light recipe that has been in my recipe box for many, many years. It’s a great way to use a lot of mint at once, and it was a good activity for the tot and me to do together.

The original recipe calls for 1 3/4c sugar and 1c of lime juice, and 1/3c of chopped mint. My changes:

  • Sugar: more like 1 1/4c
  • Lime juice: 1c, plus a little more. Maybe another 1/4 to make it more tart
  • As much mint as I felt like. The mint is easily covered up with the sugar and lime juice and this time I wanted to taste a slight mint flavor, so I grabbed a ton from my plant. I didn’t measure how much mint I chopped up, but it was definitely more than 1/3c.

mint and limes mint limeade

Mint limeade juice

I like my lemonade and limeade a little tart and not too sugary, so that’s why I decreased the sugar and increased the lime juice. I actually juiced 10 limes and they gave me almost 2 cups of juice. I saved the extra to make mojitos later. Make sure you roll and push on the limes a bit to soften them up so they will yield lots of juice. I have an electric juicer, but I’ve also hand squeezed the limes (pretty tiring).

The tot loved the limeade even with the slight tartness and I had to cut him off after 2 drinks. This recipe can easily be customized to your taste. Add more simple syrup if the end result is too tart, add more juice if the limeade is too sweet. Good luck keeping it in your fridge longer than a day!

Mint Limeade


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