One Crockpot, 4+ Dinners

For the past few weeks either my husband or I have been waiting in our 3 year old’s dark room while he falls asleep at bedtime. It’s not ideal, but we exhausted most other options to keep him in bed, and the silver lining is I get 20 quiet minutes to read articles on my phone and ponder recipes to try while he slowly drifts off to sleep (sweet boy).

One evening I came across this post about prepping 40 crockpot meals in 4 hours. Maybe someday I will try to make a bunch of meals at once, but I have found a weekly shopping/cooking grove that works for me. I figure I can try some of these meals depending on the meat sales.

Last week Publix Greenwise chicken breasts were on sale. I decided to try the cilantro chicken because it has a lot of ingredients I frequently use – cilantro, black beans, limes, onion, etc. (and I will cook the orange chicken later this week). The original recipe says to mix all the ingredients together and split into two bags to freeze. I decided to cook the entire recipe and see how many dinners I could make. I was a little worried the dish would be full of tiny cilantro bits, but the leaves mostly disappeared. Really, I’m not sure where they went because I didn’t see many green pieces in the dish.

cilantro chicken

The recipe gave us dinner three nights in a row:

Dinners #1 and #2: Chicken and yellow rice cooked with homemade chicken stock and some lime zest. For dinner #2 I diced some avocado and mixed with lime juice, salt and red onion and sprinkled on top. We put chimichurri on as well.

cilantro chicken and rice

Dinner #3: chicken enchiladas using a new enchilada sauce that is truly delicious and easy to make. Seriously, try it! You will be amazed.

I froze a container of chicken for enchiladas next week, and one more small helping that we can eat alongside black bean or tortilla soup.

cilantro chicken

I really loved how this recipe made enough for 4 full dinners. It is truly a dump-in-turn-on-crockpot recipe. In other words, EASY!


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