Meal Planning 4.25 – 5.2

The meat sales at Publix aren’t impressive this week, but pork tenderloins are on sale for $4.99/lb, and you know how many dinners I can get out of two tenderloins! I also plan on buying the Greenwise chicken for the crockpot. I’m not planning on trying new recipes this week, except maybe sweet and sour pork, though I haven’t found a recipe that sounds both yummy and fast.

I am hoping to buy and plant our tomato plants this weekend. The tot has been asking me about “potato” (he means tomato) plants ever since we bought another planter weeks ago. I will also plant lots of basil, mint (for mojitos) and…I’m not sure what else.

*UPDATE: Because of my husband’s work schedule this weekend, I decided to by myself on Friday evening. I forgot what it felt like to shop quickly. I ran around the store happy-go-lucky and did our weekly shop in a half hour. It would have been even faster but I spent some time contemplating the pros and cons of buying a whole chicken vs. split chicken breasts. I’m still not sure I made the right decision with my whole chicken. It was $2.29#, and the split breasts were on sale for $3ish#. The split breasts are more, but all white meat and I wonder if I get more meat from two breasts because there is less waste (fewer bones). I have an over abundance of chicken broth in the freezer so I have not been using the chicken bones anyway. Maybe someday I will do a real comparison, but for now I’ll stick with the whole chicken. I also bought two packages of pork tenderloins. If I plan right, we will get 8 dinners. I have three pork dinners planned for this week and I will either cook and freeze some pork or cut up and freeze raw to cook later.

Saturday: Boneless pork chops, with mojo marinade (pork chops from last week)

Sunday: Chicken alfredo (using chicken cooked in the crockpot on Saturday)

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Pork tenderloin and rice and chimichurri

Wednesday: “Cuban” sandwiches

Thursday: Chicken pizza

Friday: Chicken, chicken meatballs, rice (jambalaya)

Saturday: Sweet and sour pork – tried a recipe this week and wasn’t a fan. I am craving the fried kind with sweet sauce. Still searching for the perfect recipe..


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