Meal Plan 4.19 – 4.24

I did really well at on my grocery trip this week, except I forgot silly things like plastic baggies for school lunch. But other than that I had a very successful under $150 trip. Pork chops were BOGO, so I saved $9! With that savings I bought an extra package of steak cubes for Sunday dinner and a chicken for the crockpot, of course. I also had a $1.20 off coupon for Aidell’s chicken meatballs, so I changed my Tuesday plan from chicken and sausage and rice (jambalaya style), to chicken and meatballs and rice.

Sunday: Steak kabobs with mojo marinade

Monday: Chicken, ham and cheese paninis with leftover chimichurri. Sound weird? Don’t knock it til you try it! A take on Cuban sandwiches

Tuesday: Chicken and chicken meatballs, and yellow rice

Wednesday: Sweet and sour pork. Not sure what recipe I’m using yet!

Thursday: Chicken quesadillas

Friday: Real pizza (aka, Dominos)


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