Meal Planning 4.11 – 4.17

Today I took the toddler grocery shopping and spent under $200 for a family of four, for a week of breakfast/lunch/dinners. Woo! And, that includes beer (on sale),and some frozen food (not on sale). One of our dinners is using chicken and pesto I made last week, and I have a chicken (bought today) cooking in the crockpot for a yet-to-be-decided dinner next week. I also finished cooking the pork tenderloins for dinners this week. AND, I even had time to juice some carrots and kale for our green smoothies.

Saturday: Chicken and cilantro pesto quesadillas

Sunday: Pork BBQ

Monday: Pork and black beans and rice

Tuesday: Chicken strips for the kids, Amy’s for the parents (I have a meeting about 2 hours away and won’t have time to prep)

Wednesday: Pork and rice

Thursday: Cuban sandwiches

Friday: Chicken pizza


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