Our Favorite Faffles

We are waffle eating fools.

When my tot was younger, I used to make big batches of pancakes and freeze them. But standing by the stove cooking pancakes at night got a little old, so I started buying frozen waffles. I opted for Van’s gluten free because I can pronounce all of the ingredients. They are $3.15 for a package of six at Publix, and when they are BOGO I go crazy and buy a ton at once.

At least, that’s what I used to do until last Christmas when we became proud owners of a waffle maker. My parents bought us a waffle maker and three containers of mix and I was immediately in love. I could make two big waffles (eight wedges) ahead of time, and toast the wedges in the morning. You can even freeze the waffles, thaw overnight and toast and they come out great! They are great for the tot and toddler (who used to gnaw on the wedges, now he gets little pieces with syrup) in the morning before we go to school.

Then, one day, I ran out of waffle mix. Noooooo. Fortunately, I saw it coming and I planned ahead. I tried out a few recipes that were so-so, then I found a recipe from 100 Days of Real Food (I also reference her crockpot chicken and stock recipes). The first time I made the waffles I used melted coconut oil, but I thought they were way too crunchy. So now I use butter (I think she uses ghee, I use regular). I add a healthy spoonful of vanilla, sprinkles of cinnamon and last time I mixed in a mashed up, very ripe banana. Big chunks of fruit in waffles are unacceptable to certain people around here, but blended fruit is OK. I have also used strawberry puree.

The recipe gives me three big waffles and two extra wedges. I keep some in the fridge and freeze the rest. We love this recipe!

Happy eating.




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