Meal Plan 4.03 – 4.11

Wow. Where the heck have I been and what the heck have we been eating around here?! The answers – here, working, dealing with tot sleep issues, and ear infections, and…I can’t remember what we’ve been eating. I do know since my post on chicken roasting and stock making I cook a chicken once week and make stock. So, there are tons of jars with 1 cup of stock in my freezer! I’m seriously obsessed. I try to always have shredded chicken on hand in our freezer. In a pinch I can mix with cilantro pesto or parsley chimichurri and serve over rice, mix with cheese for quesadillas or paninis, or put on a pizza with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. Actually, for the past two weeks we have probably been eating a combination of all four!

Saturday: Pork stir fry using pork I cooked and froze last weekend

Sunday: Easter dinner at a friend’s. Honeybaked ham and other goodies!

Monday: Burgers (no school, so grilling out will be possible)

Tuesday: Picadillo with grassfed beef on sale at Publix

Wednesday: Chicken sausage and pasta

Thursday: Chicken pizza

Friday: Picadillo

Saturday: Steaks


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