Egg Freezing Experiment


Last week organic eggs were on sale at Publix. Between eating egg “samiches” some school and weekend mornings, and all the waffle, cookie and muffin baking I do, we go through almost a dozen per week, if not more. So, when I saw the sale for $3.79doz,  down from $4.55, I googled “can you freeze eggs?” The answer is “Yes!” you can freeze eggs.

There are lots of instructables out there on how to freeze eggs, so I’m not going to reinvent that wheel here, but I decided to freeze one scrambled egg in a snack size ziploc bag so I could easily thaw out one or two or three depending on my needs. Every instruction talked about adding a little sugar or salt to the egg, something to do with keeping the egg from becoming too gel-like. I labeled which ones I added salt to, and those I will scramble some weekend morning. I froze the baggies upright in an egg carton.

Tonight I made my first recipe with two thawed eggs, waffles! I thawed the eggs in a bowl of water in the fridge all day and made the waffles in the evening. More on that waffle recipe tomorrow, after I receive feedback from the food critiques.

So, the next time there is a great egg sale stock up, and I will do the same!





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