Meal Planning 2.22 – 3.1

This week, I will be buying Greenwise whole chickens ($2.49#), Boston pork butt (bone-in, I assume, also $2.49#), and after two weeks of eating chicken, we will eat BEEF because Greenwise steak sirloins are $7.99#! I need easy stuff this week because every evening I will either be working, putting together a portfolio for a certification I’m working towards, and I also need to prep baby things to sell at an upcoming consignment sale. So, I won’t have time to cook and prep in the evenings. As much as I love to try new recipes and blog about them, I need to keep things simple now.

My plan is to buy two whole chickens and cook them on Sunday, use some shredded chicken on Tuesday and freeze the rest for the weekend. Organic eggs are $3.79doz, and they are usually $4.55. I am on the fence about organic eggs, but I think this time I will stock up and freeze some to use as scrambled eggs and in my baking.

Sunday: Steak on the grill, chimichuri, green beans

Monday: Leftover steak will be used in a taco recipe that sounded pretty yummy.

Tuesday: Chicken quesadillas using chicken cooked on Sunday

Wednesday: Pork BBQ in the slow cooker (sandwiches)

Thursday: Pork BBQ sandwiches again

Friday: Breakfast for dinner – eggs, bacon, taters.

Saturday: Chicken alfredo. Did I post I figured out how to make the alfredo creamy? You need an equal amount of fat and flour – so for this recipe 3T of butter and 3T of flour. Maybe the way the recipe is written works for some people, but this 3-3 works for me.

Sunday: Chicken alfredo


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