Meal Planning 2.16 – 2.22

Chicken was on sale again this week at Publix! Last week I decided to forgo buying ham (Applegate Farms) and cooked some chicken on the panini maker, sliced and kept in the fridge for lunches. It worked really well and I’m starting to think it’s a great idea, and more economical, to have cooked chicken on hand. It’s the beginning of the week, and the kids were in bed early, so I already have the chicken meatballs cooked, breakfast waffles cooked, weekday lunch chicken cooked, fig bars in the fridge, soap grated for laundry detergent, and my homemade dishwasher detergent made. Whew!

Here’s another week of winner, winner, chicken dinners.

2.16 – 2.22

Monday: Chicken meatballs from Skinny Ms.

Tuesday: Jambalaya leftover

Wednesday: I wanted to make Slow cooker honey sesame chicken, but even though the toddler is now 13, almost 14 months, honey makes me nervous. And, giving him something different won’t work because he knows  when he is eating something different. So, slow cooker BBQ chicken it shall be. I will loosely follow this recipe called the Best Crockpot BBQ Chicken, but will omit the italian dressing and sprinkle the chicken with a BBQ seasoning I keep ready at all times.

Thursday: BBQ leftover

Friday: Chicken pizza. I have two options – either I can save some chicken that I grilled for lunches and have with frozen pizza sauce and mozzarella. Or, I can save some BBQ chicken and have a BBQ chicken pizza with mozzarella, no pizza sauce. I will make the call later in the week.

Saturday: Chicken pesto paninis – I made the pesto last week and froze and saved some cooked shredded chicken from last week too.

Sunday: Salmon cakes? Depends on how much I think I will spend on next week’s meals (always thinking ahead). Salmon from the fish market can be expensive.


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