Meal Planning 2.9 – 2.15

This week, Publix Greenwise chicken is on sale.

Wait, Publix meat?? You’re probably wondering why I am buying grocery store meat again, especially after my proclamation last week that I was going to start buying meat at the farmer’s market. Well, I am working on a special real food on a real budget post detailing my war on grocery store prices, so you will have to wait in agony for my full explanation and new plan. But, the short story is farmer’s market meat is not affordable for our family. Maybe I will be able to continue with the grassfed beef bundle, but chicken and pork will have to come from Publix.

That said, we will be eating a week’s worth of chicken meals.

Monday: Chicken and cilantro pesto paninis. I poached four bone in Greenwise breasts and will split the meat between this meal and Thursday. The rest I will have throughout the week for lunch.

Tuesday: Slow cooker chicken tortilla soup

Wednesday: Leftover soup

Thursday: Chicken and cilantro pesto paninis

Friday: Chicken sausage and tortellini

Saturday: Slow cooker jambalaya

Sunday: Jambalaya leftovers


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