Update on Peppermint Cookies

I have a brief update to my post about the peppermint chocolate chip cookies.

I have made these cookies a few times and each time I have decreased the sugar, and replaced some butter with coconut oil. Here’s where I am now:

  • Decreased sugar to 1/2 cup of white sugar. I use Florida Crystals organic cane sugar, which is actually evaporated cane juice. I am not thrilled about this, but I am not in the market to spend $6 on a small bag of coconut sugar or something that I’m not sure is much better than cane sugar (or derivative).
  • I keep the brown sugar the same, but next time I will use Florida Crystals Demerara sugar, although I suspect the loss of moisture will affect the cookie.
  • Organic King Arthur whole wheat white flour
  • 4T of butter, 4T of refined coconut oil (unmelted)

I calculated for 36 cookies, each has 3.6g sugar. Not bad!

Muffin ingredients


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