Adventures in Grocery Shopping, and Meal Planning 2.1 – 2.8

This month, I am trying something different with regards to grocery shopping and meal planning. I will do some more specific posts as I go on this journey, but the general overview is:

  1. Meat shopping at the Saturday farmer’s market, and meal planning on Saturday evening, rather than buying meat at Publix on sale.
  2. Buying some things at the discount grocery store that I pass 10x week (no, really I do. It’s on the way to and from school so it won’t cost much time). For example, today I bought Organic Girl spinach, bread, pears (I don’t buy organic), vinegar, and pasta.
  3. Writing down prices of common things I buy (on paper, not electronically) rather than trying to remember everything
  4. Looking into buying some pantry items on Amazon and Vitacost. The organic things I buy might be cheaper.
  5. This is the biggie – using cash. And by cash I mean paper and coins, not debit.

These changes are quite profound for me. They involve shopping at several different places, which I usually think is a time waste. Meat will be our most expensive item so I will need to save on other ingredients without sacrificing quality (read, I still want organic and non-GMO as much as we can afford). I think saving organic for Publix and online, and non-organic from the discount store might help. We shall see. Wish me luck!

Farmer's Market Bounty

At the farmer’s market I bought: Chicken breast (the chicken was raised on a farm about an hour away, and processed the day before), grassfed steaks and three pounds of ground beef (also from a farm about an hour away), and a three pound Boston pork butt. I already had an idea I would buy these things so meal planning was a little easier. All dishes are designed to stretch the meat dollar to the max.

Saturday: Breakfast for dinner: Eggs and bacon

Sunday: Chicken alfredo.  As I say again and again, the dish will give us two dinners and two+ school lunches

Monday: Picadillo using grassfed beef from the market, and rice

Tuesday: Leftover chicken alfredo

Wednesday: Picadillo again

Thursday: Slow cooker BBQ pork sandwiches

Friday: BBQ pork leftovers

Saturday: Steaks from the market, and some kind of filling side because the steaks aren’t huge. Maybe kabobs would be good…actually, a side of black bean soup would be cheap and filling

Sunday: Meatballs


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