Chicken with Cilantro Pesto Panini

Bang For Your Buck

Tonight was our last night with the Greenwise chicken I baked and shredded last Friday. In my last meal planning post I see I didn’t mention how much I paid for those chickens, but they deserve an honorable mention because they gave us four dinners, and three lunches for the toddler (formerly known as the baby). I paid roughly $18 for both; my husband and I can barely go out to lunch for that price let alone have four dinners. Granted, I am not calculating the cost of the other quality ingredients to determine the total cost of each dinner, but still it’s a bargain for better quality chicken.

Tonight’s Feature Presentation

Now onto tonight’s dinner, courtesy of the book Panini, once again. The recipe features cilantro pesto. Doing a quick Google search I found a million different cilantro pesto recipes, but this one uses pine nuts, cilantro, garlic, pepper jack cheese, squeezed lime juice, and a jalapeno pepper. It came out a beautiful green color that I think looks especially pretty in this pre-war dish – as in World War II.

cilantro pesto

cilantron pesto

I mixed the pesto the night before, and mixed the chicken with non-GMO mayo and some Wildtree cajun seasoning. The original recipe called for jerk seasoning but I thought cajun seasoning was close enough and didn’t require me to make or buy anything new. I thought the cilantro pesto was delicious and we have some leftover that will be good with flat bread. I will definitely make this again.

chicken and cilantro pesto panini


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