Double-Chocolate Cookies

Another winner from Cooking Light! You can find the original here: Double-chocolate chip cookies

My changes:

  • I use organic cane sugar (Florida Crystals)
  • Whole wheat white flour in place of all-purpose
  • Melted organic coconut oil (refined so there is no coconut flavor) instead of canola
  • I don’t think the chocolate chips I used were “bittersweet,” they were Ghiradelli and said 60% cacao on the bag. I use these for all my chocolate recipes now.

I flattened the dough a little before baking because the first batch didn’t flatten out at all and kept their dough ball shape. I calculated these have about 6g of sugar per cookie, not including the chocolate chips (we’re talking 2-3 chips per cookie here). In contrast, the mint Newman-O’s cookies that I used to buy had 9g per cookie (which, by the way, are really delicious). These babies won’t win any beauty awards, but they get the job done.

Double chocolate chip cookies


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