1.22 – 1.29

This week Publix has its Greenwise chicken cutlets (thinly sliced), and Greenwise whole chickens on sale. The thinly sliced chicken breasts don’t go on sale as often as the regular kind, so I planned two dinners around them and bought a few extra for the freezer to cook next week. I also bought and cooked two whole chickens because if you’re going to cook one, might as well cook two! Those will give us at least three dinners and maybe a lunch.

Also on sale at Publix is ground beef, this time from Strauss. I have never bought Strauss before, but I did some reading and I like that their beef is grassfed AND finished. Why is grass finished important? I remember reading an article about a year ago that said cows can be fed grass most of their lives, but towards the end they are fattened with a diet consisting mostly of grain, and that beef can be marketed (and priced) as grassfed. Well, if I’m spending extra money on beef that I believe is better for us because the cows ate grass (as nature intended), then I want them to only eat grass. With all that said – I don’t always buy grassfed because sometimes it’s too expensive (no $16.99/lb sirloins here), but I can afford to buy a pound for about $8 that will give us another meatball, or picadillo, dinner. Even with more expensive ingredients, it’s still cheaper than taking a family of four out to eat (and much less stressful!)

Friday: Chicken, tomato and mozzarella cheese panini.

Saturday: Steak (last in our freezer), and green beans??

Sunday: Chicken alfredo pasta

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Chicken and cilantro pesto panini

Wednesday: Chicken quesadillas (on the panini maker)

Thursday: Meatballs, or picadillo


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