Yummy Bars and Cookies

I like to have cookies around here and the kind of cookies I like to buy (the “better-for-you kind”), are kind of a rip off.  My sister told me about the fruit filled bars from weelicious when I was trying out different granola bar recipes (still haven’t found one I like…). They are delicious and easy, but use a lot of jam/jelly. As I’m writing this, I wonder if I could make my own fruit puree as the filling. Maybe next time.

weelicious fruit bars

These sugar cookies are from Cooking Light. I reduced the white sugar (cane sugar as always) to 1 cup, and they are still plenty sweet so I may reduce even more next time. I didn’t add the peppermint candy, just the extract. Today I received the highest compliment from the tot, “Mommy, I eat my cooookie in my yunch [lunch] box. It was yummmmeee!” I have made various cookie recipes lately experimenting with combinations of butter and coconut oil. In my experience, using all coconut oil yields a flatter cookie. I used butter in this recipe, but next time I may substitute some coconut oil, then next time a little more to find a good balance.

peppermint cookies Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


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