First Birthday Cupcakes

A friend posted a link to a cupcake recipe she made with her daughter recently. It’s a Pioneer Woman recipe with simple ingredients – sugar, flour, butter, eggs. I decided to make the recipe for the baby’s first birthday, which is technically December 31st, but we celebrated on January 1st because he was cranky from a missed nap and teething.

Anyway, back to the cupcakes..the batter made 24 cupcakes, and called for 1 cup of butter and 2 cups of sugar. A year ago I would have said “No Way!” But  now I see full fat recipes in a different light. Less sugar would be nice, and maybe next time I will change some butter to coconut oil, but I feel ok with homemade cupcakes with lots of sugar and fat versus store bought with lots of sugar, fat, and other stuff I can’t pronounce. Hey, there’s a time and place for those too, but this time I made from scratch. Instead of peppermint candies on top, I mixed peppermint extract into the icing. I have some extra in the fridge that I think will taste good on cookies. Or on a spoon. You can view the recipe here: Peppermint cupcakes

Peppermint cupcakes


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