12.19 – 12.24

I got a little off schedule with meal planning because on Wednesday evebubg I was busy baking cookies and fudge, and Thursday, my usual shopping day, I went to a Christmas white elephant party. When Friday evening rolled around, I couldn’t bear to go shopping in the cold rain. So this morning I took the tot shopping, and he was a big “help.” Here’s the plan until Christmas next week.

Saturday: Sausage and pasta, with garlic, olive oil, tomatoes and parm cheese. I’m finally going to use the chicken sausage I bought on  sale a few weeks ago.

Sunday: Chicken alfredo pasta. I bought bone-in chicken breasts, which weren’t on sale, but $6 for two that I will poach and shred isn’t bad.

Monday: Leftover chicken alfredo

Tuesday: Chicken and rice casserole I have frozen. The recipe is from a Cook’s Illustrated book my Mom has, not sure which one, but I’m pretty sure I would break some copyright laws by scanning and posting the recipe.

Wednesday: Leftover

Thursday: Christmas! Honeybaked ham and other goodies (TBD)

Last week I also made pumpkin muffins from weelicious, using cocounut oil instead of canola. This weekend I am planning on attempting the impossible – cookie baking with the tot. These look like easy drop cookies, and I’ve had a hankering for spice cookies lately: http://www.browneyedbaker.com/soft-and-chewy-gingersnap-cookies/.

I also have a sugar pumpkin leftover from Thanksgiving decorations that I am going to roast and puree, kinda like PW here: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2008/10/make-your-own-pumpkin-puree/.


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