Getting Ahead

The only good thing about getting hit with yet another norovirus is, a day or two later I am incredibly productive because I have to make up for lost time. Friday and Saturday we got off our food schedule and the family ate odds and ends around the house (I think the tot had cereal last night…) because I was recovering from a nasty virus.

Today my husband took the tot to the park and the mall, and I stayed here with the baby. While he napped, I cubed about 2lbs of the pork roast I bought last week and froze for another dinner (TBD). I know I said no pictures, but it was daylight, I was cooking, and it was quiet…


Then, I roasted the remaining pound, cooled, cubed and froze for Tuesday’s dinner.


While the pork was cooking, I mixed up my Mom’s cranberry pear sauce. I LOVE cranberries and I alternate this recipe with another my mom used to make when I was growing up. This recipe makes enough for an army, but fortunately it freezes well. I forgot to get golden raisins at the store, but honestly, I’ve never been a fan of the raisins and I think it tastes good without them. Here’s the recipe:


Yes, it really has 2 cups of sugar, but it also has 3 bags of cranberries so you need that much sugar. I add the orange liqueur (yeah yeah, spelled wrong in my recipe) right before I turn off the heat while the mixture is still hot to give the alcohol some time to burn off.



While cranberries were simmering (and roast roasting), I shredded plain chicken for tomorrow’s dinner, and portioned out the shredded chicken for chicken tacos later in the week (I made that yesterday morning).


Then, I folded two huge loads of laundry, worked on gifts for our teachers, and figured out a nice way to display all our Christmas cards! This week I will be up to my elbows in bath salts, fudge and cookies for our wonderful teachers and school staff.


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