12.11 – 12.18

I made it a whole week without going back to the grocery store! (I’m not counting that trip to get soda water for a school party). The tortilla soup with boneless chicken thighs turned out well. I think I actually like the dark meat better because it held up well in the crockpot and didn’t get too stringy. Since I was in the store to buy soda water, I perused the meat section to see the sales. Sometimes the flier doesn’t have all the sales, or the flier is a little ambiguous. For example, this week’s has chicken breast with rib on sale. I wouldn’t have known that’s code for bone-in chicken breast had I not seen the chicken at the store. Glad I did because two dinners will include that chicken.

Thursday: Left over chicken tortilla soup

Friday: Skillet sausage and potatoes, using a package of apple/chicken sausage I bought last week. I will cook the potatoes in the crockpot during the day for a few hours in olive oil, salt, pepper, then throw the sliced sausage and potatoes in my cast iron skillet. Kind of like this: http://www.recipe.com/skillet-sausage-and-potatoes/

Saturday: Steak and chimichurri. Greenwise top sirloin on sale again. A treat. The husband and tot are going to a car meet during the day, so I think I will be productive during the baby’s nap and poach chicken for dinner during the week and prepare and freeze chicken for chicken tacos.

Sunday: Pizza. There is a potential for mom to have a girl’s night, so pizza makes things easy.

Monday: Chicken quesadillas. I mix chicken with sour cream (or greek yogurt, whatever I have), some onion, chili powder, salt/pepper, and CHEESE. Then cook quesadillas on our panini maker. Not something I can cook ahead of time, but I can assemble the qusadillas ahead and keep in the fridge until ready to cook (AKA 10 mins after walking in the door).

Tuesday: Publix has spiral sliced ham on sale, according to the flier. I didn’t look so I’m not sure what they look like. I’m also not sure how long I can keep in my fridge. As I’m writing this, I think I may have to switch pizza night with ham night. Or, if I don’t end up buying a ham i will buy the pork roast on sale, cook that ahead on the weekend, chop, freeze, and make a pork potato skillet similar to Friday’s meal.

Wednesday: Shredded chicken tacos. A new recipe.

Thursday: ?

There are some unknowns next week. Hmm, living life dangerously…


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